It is a well-known fact that Haiti is one of the poorest nations on earth. Half of its citizens lack access to clean water and only one in five have a toilet.

To exacerbate an existing dire condition, in January 2010, an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 struck the country at the heart of its capital and some neighboring cities. The earthquake killed about 310,000 people, and resulted in severe damages equivalent to US$7.8 billion of loss, that is 1.2 times the country's GDP (2009).

Since the outbreak of the earthquake, the Haitian people have been working on the reconstruction of the country with the assistance of the international community. From the perspective of human security, Global Citizen Center for Development (GCCD) will create basic social services in the rural areas of Haiti, with focus on the improvement of health and sanitation conditions and the promotion of education. Because food security is vital to growth and sustainable development, GCCD will put in place strategic programs by forming strong alliance with the private sector, governmental entities, universities, global partners and other like-minded individuals to address the issues of the agricultural sector.

Global Citizens Center for Development is committed to:

·      reach 25,000 Haitians with clean water and sanitation over the next two years

·      educate 1000 Haitian students over the next two years

·      train 500 agricultural technicians over the next two years

·      provide clean water to 4 communities over the next two years

Haiti faces many development issues such as:

1.          Lack of basic social services, due to long-term political instability and frequent natural disasters.

2.          Dysfunctional education

3.          Poor health conditions

4.          Soil erosion

5.          Lack of clean water and adequate sanitation